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Business Coach, Sales Coach

7 Week Transformation

After all the opt-ins and software if you still are not making money in your business, you don't want to miss an opportunity to work with a coach who is all in for your business. From the packaging, pricing and sales she how this established business owner up-leveled her business. She generated $28,000.00 in sales in less than three months. She has remained to be profitable since learning the effective sales strategies taught by Auguste Crenshaw. 

She was ready to give up on her business!

Learn what it takes to quadruple your income in 30 days. Michelle was great at sales in corporate America, but she struggled to bring in $500.00 a month in her own business. She had the products and the systems in place. Learn what it took to turn it around. The effective strategies along with a coach who specializes in mindset will get you paid. Get with a coach who is just as concerned about you as they are your business. 

She started from scratch!

Do you have a unique idea? Afraid it won't be profitable. With the right foundation and strategy, it will be. Kami had no idea how she could penetrate the marketplace and start a new business online. With solid coaching, she transformed a business concept that would have had a considerable investment and inventory into a virtual business with almost no overhead

Amazing Sales Strategy

To learn the sales process from A - Z don't miss out on the Close The Sale Master Class. It was so powerful attendance wasn't necessary.


Experience Top Notch Service Even When It is Free!

Get more than the technical skills. So many entrepreneurs experience trepidation when it comes to "live" video. In this boot camp, the attendees learned how to present themselves, their products and their value.  They learned about lighting, where to look, how to talk and all of that jazz, how do you do a call to action, how do you get people to comment and stay and watch the videos?   This brick and mortar business owner gained traction and sales once she increased her visibility.