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Real Women Don't Bitch Podcast & Featured Speakers


For the Entrepreneurial woman who refused to take no for answer. More than empowering you this podcast is here to give you some techniques and strategies to keep going, even after life's challenges. Develop a raw, real and relentless mindset. Reverse the negative self-talk, expose and get rid of limiting beliefs and put an end to the damaging behavior. Get the nuggets from all angles personal, professional and spiritual. Not only do you have some current issues, there is some damage from your past as well. There are no secrets here. By having real talk centered around the b******t that affects, real healing can occur. Auguste Crenshaw is #1 Advanced Mental Conditioning Specialist and your success is her sweet spot! But enter with caution. Everyone has a story. Yours will either empower or devour you. She doesn't go whining and complaining. Real Women Don't Bitch! They get shit done!

Featured Speakers

Tomasa Macapinlac


or over 20 years, Tomasa Macapinlac has supported others to activate their own mastery through the art of Soul-Care, enabling them to discover their life’s purpose, break through blockages getting in their way, and heal themselves of ailments. Tomasa’s successful track record with thousands of clients from around the world stems from her ability to blend modalities and address all levels of healing. Nationally certified as a practitioner of Asian Bodywork Therapy, initiated as a Shaman of the Inka tradition, while practicing metaphysics, she founded Luminous Healing Academy,  created multiple programs, including Live Your Soul’s True Destiny, Activate the Emerging Healer Within, and authored the book, 30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You.

Tomasa knows firsthand how not being tuned in with your soul’s true destiny can lead to stress and dis-ease in all areas of life - work, finances, relationships and health. She first became conscious of her healing abilities in her 30s after experiencing chronic health challenges and burn-out as a busy corporate salesperson and mother of two. Taking her health into her own hands, she mastered the art of self-care in every facet of her life. Today, twenty years later, she enjoys the health and appearance of someone decades younger than she is.

As a sought-after healer, Tomasa has helped clients from all walks of life from corporate professionals, emerging healers, empty nesters, to elderly seniors. Realizing she can only serve so many people one-on-one, she is passionately facilitating self-healing on all levels for the collective.

Constance Carter

Constance Carter is the CEO of the largest African American Residential Real Estate & Lending firm in Northern California. She is the Author of several books, including O.N.E, Build Credit to Build Wealth, and Best Seller, Keeping Score. As a Wealth Advocate, her great commission is to teach the good news of Wealth & Financial Empowerment to people from all walks of life. She has been featured in several publications including The Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Rolling Out Magazine, and Fox News. Between running her successful real estate firm, speaking, her training program, media appearances, in addition to having a busy family of 6, she truly lives her motto, Nobody Works Harder than Constance Carter. 

Welcome to The Real Women Don't Bitch Podcast

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