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Business Coach, Sales Coach

Elite Business Mastermind


If you are an entrepreneur who desires coaching that matches your passion, don't miss out on the 

Elite Business Mastermind.

It has been designed to offer you support, synergy and accountability. Go beyond the surface and improve your confidence. Get clear on your client base, solidify your brand and your offer, embrace visibility, enhance your conversation and become a sales beast.

Welcome to enough structure to create a formidable empire coupled with the creative freedom to allow you step into the fullness of who you were CREATED TO BE. 

NO MORE "cookie-cutter" bullshit. NO MORE being lost in the crowd, you are more than a number.

This group is on steroids with a coach who is HIGH TOUCH AND REAL TIME!


The Elite Business Mastermind is a year-long synergistic system. It is a proven structure designed to give you guidance and pull out your creative genius. After all the strategy, you have to be confident you are the one, confident you can deliver, and confident it is your time. 

Auguste is a master at getting into the depths of you on a personal, professional and spiritual level. She has been coined the #1 Advanced Mental Conditioning Specialist for Entrepreneurs.

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Identify and Connect with your audience

Establish a Strong Online Presence

Increase your Confidence

Eliminate Mindset and Spiritual Blocks


Product Pricing and Packaging

Time Management

Spending Leaks

Support Systems

Stellar Circle of Influence

Small and Intimate with a 1-1 feel!