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10 Women

This book breaks down the mental, physical and spiritual challenges 10 women endured and broke free from. They moved on to build thriving businesses. 

Real Conflicts

The stories are real; the names have been changed to protect them from scrutiny. 

Healing Exercises

Mindset and coaching exercises have been provided to help each reader resolve their own issues. 

Additional Resources

If needed, additional free resources are available to aid your healing, confidence and affirmations. It is a one-stop shop for women in business; a coach in a book.

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No more not having the answers to break free from the things haunting your mindset! No more feeling off but not being able to articulate what the problem is.

Take action with purpose no matter what life throws at you. Learn the keys to motivation from a Business Coach who walked the talk.

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Not your ordinary self-help book. Ready to blaze your trail with confidence? Do you want an unstoppable mindset? Learn what it takes to continue in your purpose full force no matter what challenges life may bring!

Auguste Crenshaw is sharing her coaching strategies to help you do the mindset work necessary to stay in the game and walk out your purpose.